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  1. Changes in socio-economics, demography, politics, and climate in arid and semi-arid regions in recent decades have led to profound transformations in livestock practices, particularly in the management of loca...

    Authors: Derradji Harek, M’hamed El Mokhefi, Hacene Ikhlef, Rachid Bouhadad, Hocine Sahel, Noreddine Djellout and Fodil Arbouche
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:6
  2. Most studies and conceptualizations of tipping points in environmental and climatic systems have been conducted using natural science perspectives and approaches. Socio-scientific contributions—including Anthr...

    Authors: Diego Augusto Menestrey Schwieger
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:3
  3. Pastoralism is globally recognized as the backbone of the economy in the vast arid and semi-arid rangelands. Despite its enormous economic contribution, the system is facing a myriad of challenges, among them,...

    Authors: Walter Magero Wafula, Oliver Vivian Wasonga, Oscar Kipchirchir Koech and Staline Kibet
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:2
  4. One of the most important achievements of the Tuvans in the process of adaptation to the nomadic culture and to the extreme continental climate of Central Asia was the breeding of various domestic animals adap...

    Authors: Elena Aiyzhy, Artysh Mongush, Aziana Mongush, Aldyn-Kherel Ondar, Shoraana Seden-Khuurak and Ayana Bildinmaa
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:32
  5. Against the global trend towards sedentary, specialised and feed-intensive cattle farming, we explore current patterns of production in Kazakhstan’s traditionally nomadic livestock sector. Experts see consider...

    Authors: Sarah Robinson, Zhanyl Bozayeva, Nozilakhon Mukhamedova, Nodir Djanibekov and Martin Petrick
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:31
  6. Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is vital for general health. However, problems of SRH such as unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and complications during pregnancy and childbirt...

    Authors: Stella Achen, Peter Atekyereza and Charles B. Rwabukwali
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:25
  7. We point out problems with the article Productivity beyond density: A critique of management models for reindeer pastoralism in Norway by Marin and co-workers published in Pastoralism in 2020. In our opinion, the...

    Authors: Audun Stien, Torkild Tveraa, Rolf Anker Ims, Jennifer Stien and Nigel Gilles Yoccoz
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:20
  8. Many activities from livestock husbandry contribute to emission and concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4) gases to the atmosphere; activities such as grazing, manure and uri...

    Authors: Michael Elias Mgalula, Oliver Vivian Wasonga, Christian Hülsebusch, Uwe Richter and Oliver Hensel
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:19
  9. Finding sufficient natural fodder resources to feed livestock has become a challenge for herders in the Sahel zone of Burkina Faso. Despite the existence of pastoral reserves, the issue of fodder shortage rema...

    Authors: Karim Ouédraogo, Alhassane Zaré, Gabin Korbéogo, Oumarou Ouédraogo and Anja Linstädter
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:16
  10. Samwel Shanga Mhajida, 2019. The collapse of a pastoral economy: The Datoga of central and northern Tanzania from the 1830s to the 2000s. Gottingen University Press. Pp. 262. ISBN: 978-3-86395-401-7, doi:

    Authors: J. Terrence McCabe
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:14
  11. Senegal, like the other Sahelian countries, remains an important livestock area, particularly for ruminants, with almost 36% of its livestock population was goat in 2016. The national herd increased from 2010 ...

    Authors: Fafa Sow, Younouss Camara, El Hadji Traore, Jean-François Cabaraux, Ayao Missohou, Nicolas Antoine-Moussiaux, Jean-Luc Hornick and Nassim Moula
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:12
  12. This study explores the perceived influence of climate change on the health of Hamer pastoralists and their livestock in south-western Ethiopia. A combination of focus group discussions and key informant inter...

    Authors: Samuel Lumborg, Samuel Tefera, Barry Munslow and Siobhan M. Mor
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:10
  13. West African (agro)-pastoralists have been increasingly using extra-household labour for the management of their cattle herds. This paper seeks to identify the factors influencing cattle owners’ decision to en...

    Authors: Sèyi Fridaïus Ulrich Vanvanhossou, Ivan Bossima Koura and Luc Hippolyte Dossa
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:8
  14. In South-Kivu province, cattle farming is an integral component of farmers’ livelihoods and one of the few income-generating opportunities for smallholders. However, very few studies have been conducted to cha...

    Authors: Yannick Mugumaarhahama, Rodrigue Balthazar Basengere Ayagirwe, Valence Bwana Mutwedu, Nadège Cizungu Cirezi, Dieudonné Shukuru Wasso, Pascaline Ciza Azine and Katcho Karume
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:4
  15. The present research is aimed to evaluate the diverse husbandry practices, ethno-veterinary practices, socio-economic status and distressing constraints of camel pastoralists inhabiting desert (Thal) areas of ...

    Authors: Asim Faraz, Muhammad Younas, Carlos Iglesias Pastrana, Abdul Waheed, Nasir Ali Tauqir and Muhammad Shahid Nabeel
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:2
  16. This paper examines the challenges restricting the commercialization of cattle across Nguni Cattle Project beneficiaries in South Africa. Data were collected from one hundred and twenty (120) Nguni cattle bene...

    Authors: N. Malusi, A. B. Falowo and E. M. Idamokoro
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:1
  17. The social, physical, financial, natural, and human dimensions within slaughterhouses have taken a central position in diversifying livelihoods among pastoralists in the arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) in Ken...

    Authors: Josphat Njenga Gichure, Sarah Kangai Njeru and Pius Mwangi Mathi
    Citation: Pastoralism 2020 10:26
  18. Over the past two decades, the rangelands of Eastern Africa have experienced sweeping changes associated with growing human populations, shifting land use, expanding livestock marketing and trade, and greater ...

    Authors: Jeremy Lind, Rachel Sabates-Wheeler, Matteo Caravani, Luka Biong Deng Kuol and Deborah Manzolillo Nightingale
    Citation: Pastoralism 2020 10:24
  19. In Ethiopia, Prosopis juliflora (P. juliflora) becomes one of the worst invasive alien species threatening the livelihood and thus food security of pastoral and agro-pastoral communities. However, up to the prese...

    Authors: Ousmane Seid, Jema Haji and Belaineh Legesse
    Citation: Pastoralism 2020 10:21
  20. There are few reports on dual-purpose cattle systems characterization in Latin America and Colombia based on large datasets. This limits our understanding of their dynamics, and the establishment of public pol...

    Authors: Ricardo González-Quintero, Rolando Barahona-Rosales, Diana María Bolívar-Vergara, Ngonidzashe Chirinda, Jacobo Arango, Heiber Alexander Pantévez, Guillermo Correa-Londoño and María Solange Sánchez-Pinzón
    Citation: Pastoralism 2020 10:19
  21. Feed insecurity associated with prolonged and recurrent droughts remains a perennial challenge impeding livestock production and a major source of resource-based conflicts in the drylands of many developing co...

    Authors: Saada Mohamed Sala, David Jakinda Otieno, Jonathan Nzuma and Stephen Mwangi Mureithi
    Citation: Pastoralism 2020 10:18
  22. We analyse social demography, livelihood diversification and land tenure among the Maasai people inhabiting Kenya (three sites) and Tanzania (one site) with contrasting land tenure policies. In Kenya, land was...

    Authors: David K. Nkedianye, Joseph O. Ogutu, Mohammed Y. Said, Shem C. Kifugo, Jan de Leeuw, Paul Van Gardingen and Robin S. Reid
    Citation: Pastoralism 2020 10:17

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