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  1. Animal husbandry of agropastoral communities in the mountainous region of Leh, Ladakh, has been transformed in response to socio-economic and geo-political changes. This study investigates the current state of...

    Authors: Padma Ladon, Marcus Nüsser and Satish Chandra Garkoti
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:30
  2. Pastoralist adaptation strategies have to address multiple, overlapping, and often inter-related processes of socio-ecological change. The present study addresses the need for inter-regional comparative studie...

    Authors: Göran Bostedt, Per Knutsson, Deborah Muricho, Stephen Mureithi, Ewa Wredle and Gert Nyberg
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:26
  3. Extensive sheep pasturing in alpine regions has a long tradition and fulfils numerous sociological, economic and ecological functions. The effects of sheep grazing on the floristic composition and vice versa d...

    Authors: Maria Wild, Matthias Gauly, Thomas Zanon, Johannes Isselstein and Martin Komainda
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:25
  4. Animal health care is critical for livestock production especially in arid and semi-arid areas where majority are agro-pastoralists. Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP) is a highly contagious and fatal d...

    Authors: Fredrick Ochieng Ouya, Eric Bett, Purity Nguhiu, Stella Makokha, Harrison Lutta, Willis Adero Abwao and Martin Mwirigi
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:19
  5. Climate change and its variability adversely impact pastoral livelihoods, and understanding climate variability and its change is important to deduce policy implications for pastoral communities. Accordingly, ...

    Authors: Tesfaye Dejene, Gemedo Dalle, Teshale Woldeamanuel and Muluken Mekuyie
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:18
  6. Mobile Health Service (MHS) has been introduced as an alternative strategy to make health care services easily accessible in the Somali and Afar regions of Ethiopia to reach the mobile and hard-to-reach commun...

    Authors: Kasahun Eba, Mulusew J. Gerbaba, Yared Abera, Derebe Tadessse, Sentayehu Tsegaye, Moahmmed Abrar, Abdella Mohammed, Ahmed Ibrahim, Muktar Shekabdulahi, Solomon Zeleke and Girmay Medhin
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:17
  7. Traditional reindeer husbandry in Russia is a fascinating phenomenon of northern pastoralism and nomadism. Russia is home to over two-thirds of the world’s total domesticated reindeer herd. Reindeer husbandry ...

    Authors: Konstantin B. Klokov
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:15
  8. Interventions to improve productivity in pastoral livestock systems of northern Kenya focus on the management of the rangeland resources and grazing areas with few initiatives on changes related to the livesto...

    Authors: Julie M. K. Ojango, Jennifer Gitau, Nicholas Ndiwa, John W. Recha, Judy Gachora and Anne W. T. Muigai
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:14
  9. Zoonotic diseases negatively impact pastoral communities in Ethiopia. In addition to impacts on human health, the interaction between people, livestock and environment which is so fundamental to the pastoralis...

    Authors: Samuel Tefera Alemu, Debebe Ero and Siobhan M. Mor
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:13

    The Correction to this article has been published in Pastoralism 2023 13:24

  10. Several experts throughout the world have focused a lot of their research on the rise in methane concentrations in the atmosphere and its causes. Cattle are the livestock species that contribute the most to me...

    Authors: Mhlangabezi Slayi, Denis Kayima, Ishmael Festus Jaja, Cletos Mapiye and Kennedy Dzama
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:12
  11. This paper attempts to analyse diverse forms of reindeer pastoralism that exist in the European part of Russia from the viewpoint of landscape approach, that is as unique localized and historically developed i...

    Authors: Kirill V. Istomin
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:11
  12. A survey was carried out to identify the feed supplements commonly utilised by communal beef cattle farmers and investigate knowledge and perception of farmers on the feed supplement during the dry season in G...

    Authors: T. R. Monkwe, M. Gxasheka and B. Gunya
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:10
  13. The Karamoja region of northeast Uganda had been characterized by high levels of acute malnutrition (AM) for decades, despite substantial aid investment in nutrition programmes. Participatory epidemiology (PE)...

    Authors: Andy Catley, Raphael Lotira Arasio and Charles Hopkins
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:7
  14. This article examines the conflict dynamics among the pastoralists in the eastern Rift Valley in Ethiopia. It focuses on the Ituu–Karrayuu pastoralists’ conflict encounters with their neighbours, the Afar and ...

    Authors: Boru Musa Burka, Ameyu Godesso Roro and Dereje Tesema Regasa
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:5
  15. This study was conducted in the Borana zone, Oromia region, southern Ethiopia, with the aim of analysing the livelihood resilience of pastoralists’ and agro-pastoralists’ to climate change-related risks. A hou...

    Authors: Daniel Assefa Tofu, Chalchisa Fana, Tegegn Dilbato, Niguse Bekele Dirbaba and Gutu Tesso
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:4
  16. Svetlana V Pankova and St John Simpson (eds.) Masters of the Steppe: the Impact of the Scythians and Later Nomad Societies of Eurasia. Oxford: Archaeopress, 2020. Paperback; 802 pages; 604 figures, 21 tables, ISB...

    Authors: Robin Bendrey
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:2
  17. Globally, discriminately vulnerable and marginalized groups, such as nomadic pastoralist populations, have perhaps the least access to reproductive and maternal health services (R/MHCSs). Previous studies repo...

    Authors: Joseph Kwame Wulifan, Amos Dangbie Dordah and Joshua Sumankuuro
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:47
  18. Vicuñas (Vicugna vicugna) were at risk of extinction due to indiscriminate hunting for their fibre in the mid-twentieth century. The conservation of the species included numerous international and regional legal ...

    Authors: Bibiana Vilá and Yanina Arzamendia
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:46
  19. The categories and concepts in the existing official land-use maps have been under improvements over recent years; however, this study from Nordland, northern Norway, shows that they continue to pose several d...

    Authors: Camilla Risvoll, Diego Galafassi, Siri Veland, Mats Pavall, Tom Lifjell, Aase Kristine Lundberg and Svein Morten Eilertsen
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:45
  20. Rangelands are increasingly being affected by climatic variations, fragmentation and changes in livestock management practices. Along with resource competition between livestock and wildlife, disease transmiss...

    Authors: Munib Khanyari, Sarah Robinson, E. J. Milner-Gulland, E. R. Morgan, Rashmi Singh Rana and Kulbhushansingh R. Suryawanshi
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:44
  21. Management of grassland is one of the important factors in traditional livestock farming systems. A survey was conducted in Madi of Chitwan Nepal to understand the perceptions of the farmers/graziers about gra...

    Authors: Shanker Raj Barsila, Niraj Prakash Joshi, Tuk Narayan Poudel, Badrika Devkota, Naba Raj Devkota and Dev Raj Chalise
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:40
  22. The pastoral practices of the Dokpa herders of North Sikkim have been transforming in response to the geo-political and socio-economic changes in the region. Against the backdrop of these changes, this study a...

    Authors: Nisam Mang Luxom, Rashmi Singh, Laktsheden Theengh, Priyadarshinee Shrestha and Rishi Kumar Sharma
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:37
  23. Maternal malnutrition during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriages and foetal deaths, pre-term delivery, and maternal mortality. However, limited studies have been conducted in Ethiopia that may not rep...

    Authors: Setognal Birara Aychiluhm, Aragaw Gualu and Abel Gebre Wuneh
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:35
  24. This study assesses the impact of a large, state-sponsored sugar plantation scheme on agro-pastoralists’ livelihoods and local land use change in southern Ethiopia, specifically in the lower Omo Valley. The st...

    Authors: Adane Kebede Gebeyehu and Jon Abbink
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:32
  25. Transhumant herds graze across two different rangeland types according to the season. Winter rangelands differ from summer rangelands in the amount and quality of available fodder, with the former being the le...

    Authors: Verónica Jorgelina Caballero, Jesús Romero Martinez, Laura Beatriz Borrelli, Daniel Alejandro Castillo, Juan Pablo Mikuc, María Laura Villar and Edgar Sebastian Villagra
    Citation: Pastoralism 2022 12:31

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