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Table 1 Effects of the presence (versus exclusion) of wildlife on the foraging behavior, forage selection, food intake, diet quality and weight gain by cattle during wet and dry seasons

From: Lessons on the relationship between livestock husbandry and biodiversity from the Kenya Long-term Exclosure Experiment (KLEE)

  Dry season Wet season
Foraging behavior
Bite rate Decrease No effect
Step rate Increase No effect
Bites per step Decrease No effect
Relative bites on forbs Decrease No effect
Relative bites on P. stramineum Decrease No effect
Food intake Decrease No data
Diet quality
Dietary crude protein content (CP) No effect Increase
Dietary digestible organic matter content (DOM) No effect No effect
Dietary DOM/CP ratio No effect Decrease
Weight gain Decrease Increase
Herbaceous vegetation
Overall grass cover Decrease No effect
Cover of forbs Decrease No effect
Cover of P. stramineum Decrease Decrease
Cover of dead stems No effect Decrease
  1. “No effect” means no statistically significant effect.