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Table 1 Omo-Kuraz sugar industry profiles (ESC and EIC)

From: Land, sugar and pastoralism in Ethiopia: Comparing the impact of the Omo-Kuraz sugar projects on local livelihoods and food (in) security in the lower Omo Valley

Omo-Kuraz projects Geographical location Total allocated land for sugarcane and factory Sugarcane crushing capacity (tons/day) Total energy generated (megawatts) and (contribution to the national grid) Capacity of molasses production (tons/year) Status
I Salamago 20,000 12,000 45 (29) 120,000 Operational
II Salamago 20,000 12,000 60 (40) 120,000 Operational
III Kafa and Bench Maji 20,000 12,000 60 (40) 120,000 Operational
V Nyangatom >81,000 24,000 120 (80) 240,000 Preparation
IV Nyangatom Possibly stopped due to budget constraints Unknown
Other projects Nyangatom 20,334 Various phases
Dassanech 54,520
Salamago 1,035