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Table 2 Associated Popular Nosological Entities (PNE) of major brucellosis symptoms in animals and their associated causes

From: Gendered asymmetry of access to knowledge for brucellosis control among pastoral communities in north-west Côte d’Ivoire

Brucellosis symptoms Malinké Fulani Local meaning Associated causes
Hygromas Cégroubadimi Gbinningroudimi Bakaalè
Knee pain/swollen knees
N’Diam (water)
Aggravated trypanosomiasis
Foot and mouth disease
Orchitis Bèlèkilifounou
Yèrèboutchi or Yèrèfondè Swollen testicles
Tchèfounou (male organs swollen)
Ignored causes, no disease associated
Abortions connon-fili
Gnefitch or Fitch Aborted foetus Trypanosomiasis, foot and mouth diseases, tick-borne diseases, dirty water, hunger during the dry season
Drop in milk production Nonnon dôgôya Kossan madjè-timi Drop in milk production Trypanosomiasis, pregnancy