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Fig. 6

From: Short-term responses of herbaceous vegetation to bush clearing in semi-arid rangelands of South Africa

Fig. 6

The NDVI maps indicating vegetation cover change from 1984 to 2018 at Makapaanstad. NDVI > 0.4 = woody cover, NDVI > 0.3–0.4 = humid grasslands and NDVI ≥ 0.2–0.3 = arid grasslands. NDVI < 0.2 are bare areas and water cover. Dotted square indicates an increase in woody cover in abandoned croplands, and dotted triangle indicates an increase in woody cover of grazing land. In 2018, woody cover declined in the dotted triangle and the rectangle where bush clearing was conducted by the Working for Water programme. The arrows indicate the areas along a stream. The red area with negative NDVI in 1996 indicates water overflowing from the stream

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