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Table 1 Categories of reindeer, their terminologies, and recommended herd composition (sources: Habeck 2005: 102; Laptander 2010; various archival materials)

From: Reindeer herding statistics in Russia: issues of reliability, interpretation, and political effect

Category Original Nenets term Komi term ‘Official’ (Soviet Russian) term Recommended composition (in per cent), Komi Republic
Females, over 3 years old iakhadei vazhenka vazhenka 49
Females, 2½ years old syrei syritsa/syrycha netel’ 11
Females, 1½ years old nialoko-syrei nialuku-vazhenka tëlka 5
Female calves, ½ year old iakhadei suiu telia-vazhenka telënok-vazhenka 14
Uncastrated males, over 3 years old khora khora byk-proizvoditel’ 2
Castrated males, over 3 years old khabt byk iezdovoi byk 9
Males, 2½ years old namna/namnako namniuku tretiak (Subsumed under ‘khora’ and ‘khabt’)
Males, 1½ years old nialoko-khora nialuku-khora bychok 3
Male calves, ½ year old khora suiu telia-khora telënok 7