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Table 2 Management practices that are reported to enhance soil carbon sequestration potential in rangelands

From: Greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sink potential in Eastern Africa rangeland ecosystems: A review

Management practices Carbon sequestration capacity (MgC ha1yr1) Source
Restoration of degraded areas 0.1–0.4 Lal (2003)
Irrigation practices 0.05–0.2 Lal (2003)
Improved cropland management 0.05–0.5 Batjes (2004a)
Transition from cropland to grassland 7.6 Don et al. (2011)
Transition from cropland to fallow 8.9 Don et al. (2011)
Use of compost manure 1–2 Sharma et al. (2012)
Cover crop farming system 0.8–1.2 Sharma et al. (2012)
No-till farming system 0.1–0.5 Sharma et al. (2012)
Addition of manure to crop fields 0–0.2 Sharma et al. (2012)
  1. The measurements of carbon are in megagramme of carbon per hectare per year (Mg C ha−1 yr−1)