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Research, Policy and Practice

Table 2 Individual interviews

From: Community engagement in pastoralist areas: Lessons from the public dialogue process for a new refugee settlement in Turkana, Kenya

1 Kalobeyei interviews December 2018 11 women and 1 man living on the periphery of Kalobeyei Settlement, most involved in petty trade and goat husbandry
2 Kakuma interviews December 2018 10 women and 1 man living near the Kakuma camp, most involved in petty trade and domestic work
3 Agency interviews 2016–2019 Various humanitarian workers employed by the UNHCR, World Food Programme (WFP), Lutheran World Federation (LWF), UN-Habitat and Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
4 Phone interviews October 2020 2 former members of the Community Development and Dialogue Committee (see below), both men from Kalobeyei. One served as the chairman of the committee, and the other was the liaison officer for the UNHCR