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Table 6 OLS and Lewbel-IV estimates of the factors influencing household’s resilience to droughts

From: The role of camel production on household resilience to droughts in pastoral and agro-pastoral households in Uganda

Variable (standardized resilience)Lewbel-IVOrdinary least squares (OLS)
Coef.Std. errorCoef.Std. error
Proportion of camels to total herd0.204***0.1170.0830.109
Age of household head (years)0.0010.0020.0020.002
Occupation of household head (1, pastoralist; 0, otherwise)− 0.103**0.045− 0.0920.059
Household size (continuous)0.0090.0060.0040.006
Dependence ratio− 0.0260.031− 0.0220.030
Marital status (dummy)− 0.0490.049− 0.0460.073
A household member completed primary (dummy)− 0.153*0.054− 0.144**0.065
Household accessed credit (dummy)0.0780.0480.0720.056
Household received remittances (dummy)0.0170.0480.0210.062
Membership to association (dummy)0.164*0.0550.163**0.062
Asset ownership (1 = agricultural and non-agricultural assets; 0 = only agricultural assets)− 0.0160.0440.0030.048
Crop area cultivated (acres)0.0030.0070.0040.006
Received animal related extension services (dummy)0.0530.0510.0380.057
District (dummy 1 = Moroto; 0 = Amudat)− 0.494*0.045− 0.460*0.064
R20.522 0.541 
  1. ***10%, **5%, and *1% level of significance. Standard errors in parentheses