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Table 4 Summary of variables used to construct a ‘Drought Resilience Index’ (DRI)

From: The role of camel production on household resilience to droughts in pastoral and agro-pastoral households in Uganda

VariableCamel householdsNon-camel householdsHypothesized signComponent loading
MeanStd. Dev.MeanStd. Dev.
Number of alternative sources of income0.9200.7881.0600.774+0.616
Proportion of off-farm income to total income0.2600.3530.4400.381+0.592
Meals consumed per day in times of scarcity1.4700.5041.4300.450+0.257
Proportion of food consumed in scarcity0.6600.7260.5400.471+0.165
Months of scarcity5.0004.8475.8904.6220.422