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Table 2 Correlation matrix for the variables used in construction of the index

From: The role of camel production on household resilience to droughts in pastoral and agro-pastoral households in Uganda

VariableAlternative sources of incomeProportion of off-farm incomeMeals consumed/day in scarcityProportion of food consumed in scarcityMonths of food scarcity in the last drought
Alternative sources of income1.0000    
Proportion of off-farm income0.448*1.0000   
Meals consumed per day in scarcity− 0.258*− 0.1471.000  
Proportion of food consumed in scarcity− 0.206**− 0.0450.497*1.000 
Months of food scarcity in the last drought0.0520.118− 0.670*− 0.205*1.000
  1. **5% and *1% level of significance