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Table 1 Socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the surveyed households

From: The role of camel production on household resilience to droughts in pastoral and agro-pastoral households in Uganda

VariableAll households (n = 116)Camel households (n = 52)Non-camel households (n = 64)t-statistic
MeanStd. Dev.MeanStd. Dev.MeanStd. Dev.
Per capita income (UShs ‘000)163.06303.767231.67419.315107.32138.063− 2.230**
Occupation of household head (1, pastoralist; 0, otherwise)0.740.4400.750.4370.730.445− 0.190
Age of household head (years)49.6214.97554.1913.77645.9114.982− 3.070*
Years of experience in rearing camels  26.0520.281   
Marital status (1, married polygamous; 0, otherwise)0.740.4390.810.3980.690.467− 1.446
Household size (continuous)11.055.13811.275.01010.885.272− 0.410
Household member completed primary0.170.3790.190.3980.160.366− 0.507
Dependence ratio0.670.8180.710.8230.640.819− 0.423
On-farm income (UShs ‘000)1085.001471.2271628.801728.317643.161044.305− 3.791*
Off-farm income (UShs ‘000)411.351172.925318.04526.811487.171507.8460.771
Proportion of off-farm income to total income0.360.3790.260.3530.440.3812.667*
Access to credit (1, yes; 0, otherwise)0.290.4570.250.4400.320.4710.783
Number of alternative sources of income (continuous)1.000.7800.920.7881.060.7740.9567
Assets owned (0 = only agric; 1 = agric and non-agric)0.660.5100.730.4900.610.523− 1.279
Crop area cultivated4.403.6914.864.0374.023.371− 1.220
Feeling of food scarcity (1 = yes; 0 = no)0.930.2540.880.3230.970.1751.788***
Months of scarcity5.494.6225.004.8475.894.6221.010
Meals consumed per day in times of scarcity1.450.4501.470.5041.430.450− 0.336
Proportion of food consumed in scarcity0.590.5950.660.7260.540.471− 1.063
Received extension0.410.4950.480.5050.360.484− 1.319
Member of social group0.410.4940.310.4660.490.5040.291
Received remittances0.210.4070.150.3640.250.4361.269
Distance to nearest input stockiest8.316.7569.196.4737.636.942− 1.204
Distance to nearest extension office6.695.8176.415.6486.915.9800.446
Distance to nearest health centre4.083.5204.173.5554.013.520− 0.242
Distance to nearest primary school2.673.1103.044.2582.361.604− 1.154
Distance to nearest secondary schools11.096.66311.447.12410.836.355− 0.469
  1. ***Significant at 10%, **significant at 5%, *significant at 1%