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Table 3 Bacterial isolates associated with contamination of raw milk

From: Pastoral community practices, microbial quality and associated health risks of raw milk in the milk value chain of Nakasongola District, Uganda

Bacteria typeNumberFrequencyProbable sourcea
S. aureus3546Milk handlers, mastitic cows
CoNS2229Milk handlers, mastitic cows
E. coli912Environment, cattle, humans
S. agalactiae68Cattle
Salmonella spp.45Cattle, humans
Total number and percentage76100 
  1. aS. aureus and CoNS are frequently shed from the nostrils of humans and infected udders of cows; E. coli is associated with human and cattle (animals) faecal matter and is shed into the soil and water; S. agalactiae is associated with infected udder while Salmonella can be shed by infected humans and cattle