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Table 2 Milk handling and transportation in Nakasongola District

From: Pastoral community practices, microbial quality and associated health risks of raw milk in the milk value chain of Nakasongola District, Uganda

Gender of hand milkers
Experience of handling milk
 0–2 years512.5
 3–5 years2870
 > 5 years717.5
Washing hands before milking
 Others (clean hands on the skin of a cow between milking different cows)1742.5
Restraining calf
 Tie with rope1025
 Use a stick2550
 Use a hand to hit the calf1025
Milk collectors
 Mobile milk vendors (M2Vs)3280
Mode of milk transport
Milk transportation containers
 Plastic jerrycans3075
 Metallic cans717.5
Location of mobile milk vending centres
 Under a tree shade2050
 Other mobile locations1025
Test of milk quality control
 Water adulteration with a hygrometer3075
 Colour change37.5
Common milk adulterants
 Cassava/maize flower717.5
  1. Data was obtained from the questionnaire interviews