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Table 3 Model outputs at livestock threshold of 3.3 TLU/capita

From: Applying livestock thresholds to examine poverty in Karamoja

Output Value
Household total annual food energy requirement (kcal) 4,599,000
Energy derived from milk consumption
 Goat milk (kcal) 255,037
 Cow milk (kcal) 552,123
 Total energy from milk consumption (kcal) 807,160
Energy derived from sorghum consumption
 Energy derived from own-produced sorghum (kcal) 1,052,800
 Energy requirement from purchased sorghum (kcal) 2,739,040
Income from livestock
 Young male goats (UGX) 644,962.50
 Young bulls (UGX) 1,561,560.00
 Total income from livestock (UGX) 2,206,522.50
Sorghum purchases and cash balance
 Cost of total sorghum needs (UGX) 2,156,265.85
 Balance after sorghum purchases (UGX) 50,256.65
  1. The model outputs were derived using a herd of 45 goats and 22 cattle, equivalent to 3.3 TLU per household member