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Table 2 Costs and revenues that are the same for semi-extensive and transhumant operations. At the time of data collection in fall 2018, 1 euro = 1.14 US dollars

From: An economic analysis of transhumance in the Central Spanish Pyrenees

Costs (euros) Units Cost
 Spring, summer, and fall pasture—annual ewe 2
 Grain for lambs—annual lamb 10
 Medicines and parasite treatment—annual ewe 2.25
 Veterinarian fees—annual ewe 1.5
 Vehicle fuel km 0.15
 Trucking—per 500 ewe truckload 400
 Shearing ewe 1.3
 Insurance ewe 0.3
 Hired herder compensation month 1500
 Social security Annual/worker 3500
Revenues (euros) Units Revenue
 Sale of lambs lamb 67
 Sale of wool ewe 0.68
 Sale of cull ewes ewe 10
 CAP subsidies operator 30,000