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Table 1 Costs that vary between semi-extensive and transhumant operations. At the time of data collection in fall 2018, 1 euro = 1.14 US dollars

From: An economic analysis of transhumance in the Central Spanish Pyrenees

Costs (euros)
  Units Semi-extensive Transhumant
Winter pasture—daily cost per ewe* ewe days* 0 0.06
Grain, hay, and straw for sheep—daily cost per ewe* ewe days* 0.26 0.01
Vehicle km per day 30 75
Annual vehicle maintenance and repair cost per year 3000 5000
Housing—annual rent (€250/month for 6 months) cost per year 0 1500
  1. *ewe days = number of ewes × number of days. Calculations assume each ewe spends 155 days on winter pasture (transhumant) or winter stall feeding (semi-extensive)