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Table 2 SSIs and FGD with government and NGO officials in the human and animal health sectors

From: A One Health framework for integrated service delivery in Turkana County, Kenya

SectorPersonnel interviewed
Animal health sectorSSIs: veterinary department leadership (n = 1); SCVOs (n = 4); LHO (n = 2)
Human health sectorSSIs: SCPHO (n = 2)
FGDs: public health officials (one group, two participants)
NGOsSSIs: Feinstein International Center (n = 1), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO; n = 1), Luther World Federation (n = 1), Afya Timiza (n = 1), Caritas (Catholic Diocese of Lodwar; n = 1), International Rescue Committee (n = 1), Agency for Pastoralists Development (n = 1)
FGDs: Turkana Pastoralist Development Organization (one group, seven participants), Veterinary Sans Fronteir Germany (one group, two participants)