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Table 1 Government personnel and local leaders involved in public health and animal health activities in Turkana County

From: A One Health framework for integrated service delivery in Turkana County, Kenya

Directors (county)County director of veterinary services (CDVS)Disease and vector control activities, veterinary public health activities
Director of preventative and promotive health (DPPH); Deputy director (DD)Preventive and promotive health service programmes
Implementors (subcounty/ward/village)Subcounty veterinary officer (SCVO); Livestock health officer (LHO)Vaccination implementation, treatment, surveillance, livestock movement control, and laboratory diagnosis
Community disease reporter (CDR)Symptomatic disease surveillance, assist with implementation of activities
Subcounty public health officer (SCPHO)Management and coordination of public health services
Community health unit (CHU): one community health extension worker (CHEW), 1+ community health volunteer (CHV)Basic community health services (health promotion, disease prevention, first aid, community disease surveillance, mobilization for immunization, and referral)
Local leadersEmuronEntry point to a community
Chief/subchiefReport disease events; mobilize communities for outreach activities