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Fig. 2

From: A One Health framework for integrated service delivery in Turkana County, Kenya

Fig. 2

A proposed One Health framework (OHF) for integrated service delivery. New components of service delivery are indicated by numbers: (1) One Health Committee (OHC) at the county level made up of department directors and partners in the human and animal health sectors; (2) shared work plan created through intersectoral collaboration on the county OHC; (3) subcounty OHC made up of subcounty officers (e.g. subcounty administrator, subcounty veterinary officer (SCVO), subcounty public health officer (SCPHO), subcounty environmental officer (SCEO), and implementing partners). Remaining officials and structures currently exist in Turkana. Arrows indicate suggested workflow of integrated service delivery and communication. Suggested services to be jointly delivered are listed

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