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Table 4 Estimated parameters of factors affecting the number of cattle traded for export

From: Factors influencing livestock export in Somaliland’s terminal markets

Log volumeCoefficientStd. Err.t
Number of exporters0.0031***0.00074.46
Occurrence of Hajj0.3786***0.06785.58
Ban on livestock0.2835***0.09602.95
Existence of quarantines0.6302*0.35181.79
Average of monthly price0.000070.00030.25
Existence of border restrictions− 0.10040.3339− 0.30
Occurrence of drought− 0.2254***0.6119− 3.68
R squared0.5274  
F value7112  
Prob > F0.000  
Number of observations120  
  1. ***p < 0.01, **p < 0.05, *p < 0.1