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Table 2 Descriptive features of households response to questions regarding their perceptions and willingness to consuming goat milk

From: Farmers’ perception and willingness to consume goat milk and goat milk products: A case study of the central Eastern Cape, South Africa

Theme Response Proportion (%)
Do you use milk as part of your family diet? Yes 94.70
No 5.30
Where do you purchase milk that you consume? From shops alone 45.52
From owned livestock alone 13.79
From shops and owned livestock 40.69
Which preferred owned livestock do you consume milk? Sheep alone 1.52
Cow alone 76.52
Goat alone 9.09
Goat and sheep 1.52
Goat and cow 9.85
Goat, sheep and cow 1.52
Do you consume goat milk? Yes 58.22
No 41.78
Reason for not consuming goat milk? Taste 20.83
Cultural bias 8.33
Odour 6.25
Others, e.g. natural dislike, strong smell 64.58
How do you utilize goat milk in your family diet? Tea alone 23.66
Mielie meal alone 9.68
Coffee alone 1.08
Tea and mielie meal 23.66
Tea and coffee 4.30
Mielie meal and coffee 1.08
Tea, mielie meal and coffee 33.33
Sour milk (amasi) 3.23
Are you aware of any nutritional benefit of goat milk and its products? Yes 61.90
No 38.10
Will you be willing to consume goat milk and its product (as part of your diet) because of its nutritional benefits? Yes 93.10
No 6.90