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Table 1 Codes for variables and modalities included in the multiple correspondence analysis

From: A basic characterization of small-holders’ goat production systems in Laghouat area, Algeria

Variables Codes Modalities
Herd size HS Herd1, ≤ 20 heads
Herd2, 21 to 40 heads
Herd3, > 40 heads
Herd mobility Mob Mob0: permanent housing
Mob1: sedentary
Mob2: seasonal transhumance
Role of goat farming in the household RGFarm Farm1: family activity
Farm2: principal economic activity
Farm3: secondary economic activity
Mekatia breeding MKB MK0: no
MK1: yes
Arabia breeding ARB AR0: no
AR1: yes
Crossbred breeding CxB Cx0: no
Cx1: yes
Practice of other agricultural activities AA AA0: no
AA1: yes
Practice of forage crops ForP For0: no
For1: yes
Practice of grazing Pat Pat0: no
Pat1: yes