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Table 1 List of 15 contemporary (C) and traditional (T) items in paired comparison study

From: Paired comparison of visions for the future among young pastoralists and students in Samburu, Kenya

All sons attend school (C)
All daughters attend school (C)
Hire somebody to herd your livestock (T& C)
Work for a conservancy (C)
Graze freely wherever you want (T)
A healthy balance of wildlife (T & C)
Never lose livestock to a predator (T)
Purchase more livestock (T)
Keep extra money in a bank (C)
Own your own plot (C)
Live in a home made from stone (C)
Own rooms that you can rent to others (C)
Own mostly cows in your herd (T)
Own mostly goats and sheep in your herd (T)
Own mostly camels in your herd (T)