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Table 4 Perceived magnitude of impact of transhumant practices on NRM in southern Mali

From: Perceived effects of transhumant practices on natural resource management in southern Mali

Parameters Bougouni Koutiala
  Farmers Settled pastoralists Transhumant herders Farmers Settled pastoralists Transhumant herders
Incidence of uncontrolled bush fire Low/+ Moderate/+ Low/+ Low/− Moderate/− None
Availability of pastoral resources High/− High/− Moderate/− Moderate/− Moderate/− Low/−
Abusive cutting of trees High/+ Very high/+ Very low/+ Low/+ Low/+ None
Unauthorized grazing of crop residues Low/+ Low/+ Low/+ Low/− Low/− Low/−
Incidence of conflict Moderate/+ High/+ Low/+ Very low/+ Low/+ Low/+
Species richness of the vegetation Very high/− High/− Moderate/− Low/− Low/− Low/−
Spread of invasive species High/+ Moderate/+ Low/+ Low/− Low/− None
Soil fertility improvement Very low/+ Moderate/− Low/− Very low/+ Low/+ Moderate/+
Loss of biodiversity (flora and fauna) Moderate/+ Moderate/+ Very low/− Very low/+ Low/+ Very low/−
Annual production of vegetation Moderate/− Moderate/− Low/− Low/− Low/− None
  1. The signs “−“ and “+” illustrate respectively a decrease and an increase for a given variable