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Table 2 Description of the independent variables used in the regression analysis

From: Perceived effects of transhumant practices on natural resource management in southern Mali

Independent variable Description
Age Age of respondents (year)
Location 1 if location is Bougouni (transhumant herders’ destination zone), 2 if location is Koutiala (transhumant herders’ transit zone)
Sex 0 if sex is female, 1 if sex is male
Education level 0 if no education, 1 if level of education is a formal education (primary, secondary school, university), 2 if the education is an informal education (koranic education or adult education)
Socio-professional groups 1 if the respondent is a farmer, 2 if the respondent is a settled pastoralist, 3 if the respondent is a transhumant herder
  1. The high value for each variable has been taken as reference variable