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Fig. 5 | Pastoralism

Fig. 5

From: Nomad aesthetic: Cattle modifications among the northern Turkana of north west Kenya

Fig. 5

Horn deformation: a live ox just after the procedure of “vertical horn deformation”: the horn bone cores have been broken, the horn sheath smove upright and close to each other and are fixed in such a position with a rope between the horn tips. Lotikipi Plain. b A depiction of a similar technique in the rock art of Wadi Mathendous area, Libya, approx 7000 to 6000 BC (David Coulson, Trust for African Rock Art). c An adult ox with horns growing according to the vertical horn deformation. d Interpretation of a cattle skull remains found at a cattle bucrania in Kerma, Sudan (Chaix and Hansen 2003, Chaix et al. 2012)

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