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Table 8 Human and animal disease incidence

From: Applying the concept of resilience to pastoralist household data

  Seasons with human health events in drought Seasons with human health events in recovery Share of all livestock mortality due to disease shock
1) Left behind 27.0% 11.0% 31%
2) Combining 38.3% 15.8% 40%
3) Staying with 15.6% 11.5% 21%
4) Combining 23.8% 13.0% 27%
  t12**, t13***, t14, t23***, t24***, t34** t12, t13, t14, t23, t24, t34 t12, t13*, t14, t23***, t24**, t34
  1. ***Significant difference at 1%, **significant difference at 5%, *significant difference at 10%