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Table 3 Average household daily milk production, variation over periods in the average, and corresponding coefficient of variation in milk production by household group

From: Applying the concept of resilience to pastoralist household data

  Mean milk L per HH per day Average variation per HH Average household coefficient of variation
Left out 1.2 4.4 1.4
Moving from 1.6 6.2 1.2
Staying with 3.1 17.4 1.1
Combining 3.3 13.6 1.2
Significant difference in means by groups, t-statistics t12*, t13***, t14***, t23**, t24***, t34 t12, t13***, t14**, t23**, t24*, t34 t12, t13**, t14**, t23, t24, t34
  1. ***Significant difference at 1%, **significant difference at 5%, *significant difference at 10%