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Table 1 Summary of data collection activities

From: Fulani cattle productivity and management in the Kachia Grazing Reserve, Nigeria

Data source Data collected and sample size (no. HH/focus group discussions/key informant interviews)
March June October
Census (0) Herd size, transhumance (724)a (0)
Cattle histories Herd composition and fertility (49)b Herd composition and fertility (40) (0)
Questionnaires Herd size, transhumance (57)c Herd size, transhumance, composition, dynamics and productivity (40)d Herd size, transhumance (41)d
Focus group discussion Herd management calendar and transhumance (4)
Human immigration patterns into the KGR over time (4)
Herd dynamics: calving, deaths, sales, slaughter, purchases and gifts (2)
Future of pastoralism (2)
Key informant interview Transhumance and livestock ownership (2)
KGR past and future (2)
Prospects for pastoralism, transhumance and grazing reserves (2)
  1. HH household
  2. a777 households were identified but 53 refused to answer questions on livestock ownership and management during the census
  3. b64 households were selected, but data for 15 households were excluded
  4. c7 households refused to participate in the questionnaire survey
  5. dNot all households answered all parts of the questionnaire, so we always state the sample size on which analysis or summary of data are derived