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Table 2 The microbial load of milk before bulking and from the different containers of bulking

From: Antimicrobial effect of smoking milk handling containers’ inner surfaces as a preservation method in pastoral systems in Kenya

Microbial type/sample type Milk before bulking (log10 cfu/ml) Milk bulked in smoked containers (log10 cfu/ml) Milk bulked in chlorine-disinfected containers (log10 cfu/ml) Milk bulked in plain-water-washed containers (log10 cfu/ml)
TVC 4.73 ± 0.71a 5.10 ± 0.96b 5.23 ± 1.11b 6.22 ± 2.47c
TCC 0.75 ± 1.33a 3.61 ± 2.13b 2.46 ± 2.18c 4.41 ± 2.01d
LAB 1.36 ± 1.89a 3.84 ± 2.22b 2.04 ± 1.35c 3.93 ± 1.14b
  1. The values are means ± standard deviations of three replicates from each container. Means with the same letter (for each row) are not statistically different