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Table 9 The value of botanical and natural resources (as described in Table 8) per wetland based on the number of families regularly using the wetland (based on 1999 market prices)

From: What value for pastoral livelihoods? An economic valuation of development alternatives for ephemeral wetlands in eastern Mauritania

Wetland Number of familiesa Average revenue/person UM Total value of botanical resources UM Total value of botanical resources, Euro (€)
Chlim 75 43,083 3,231,225 12,405
Sawana 700 43,754 30,627,800 117,582
Tali 200 35,853 7,170,600 27,528
Boichiche 60 61,707 3,702,420 14,214
Goungel 300 14,456 4,336,800 16,649
Tamchekett 588 26,393 15,519,084 59,579
Oum Lellé Used predominantly by mobile herders, number of regular users unknown
  1. aThe number of families is based on the maximum number of fields per wetland in all cases except Tamchekett. As there are no fields at Tamchekett, the population of the town is used. Tamchekett has a population of approximately 3,000 (Leffler 1995), which equates to 588 families based on a household size of 5.1 (United Nations 1995)