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Table 17 The total capital and replacement costs (UM) of converting Tamourt Goungel to a single-use system (1999 market prices)

From: What value for pastoral livelihoods? An economic valuation of development alternatives for ephemeral wetlands in eastern Mauritania

Levelling and drainagea Fencinga Agri inputs including toolsa Replacement of pastoral resourcesb Loss of botanical resourcesc Total cost of conversion
2,772,000 10,750,000 10,898,000 79,855,046 9,497,592 113,772,638
  1. aFrom PGRNP/MDRE (1999) (fencing excludes maintenance costs; agricultural inputs include one year’s supply of fertilisers, pesticides and seeds plus equipment and tools); bbased on well construction costs and one year’s labour; cbased on one year’s revenue calculated by method 2