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Table 4 Percentage of nomad farms using different chemicals, sources of feed, type of grazing land and feeding method

From: An investigation of organic sheep and goat production by nomad pastoralists in southern Iran

Items Percentage
Farms using chemicals  
 Fertilizers 0
 Pesticides 0
 Others 0
Source of feed  
 Rangeland 85
 Stubbles, agriculture residues, etc. 15
 Use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) 0
 GMO derivatives 0
 Minerals, vitamins and pro-vitamins 0
Source of lamb and kid feed  
 Colostrum and maternal milk 100
 Powdered milk 0
Type of grazing land  
 Open grassland 38
 Tree covered 23
 Bush/shrub and stone covered 39
Feeding method  
 Free-range grazing 100
 Stable 0