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Research, Policy and Practice

Table 2 Responsible/influential agencies in sheep governance and management

From: Trade-offs in pastoral governance in Norway: Challenges for biodiversity and adaptation


Responsible agency

Areas of responsibility


Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

• Guidelines for responsible animal husbandry

• Support members to ensure that people have access to enough high-quality food


Ministry of Agriculture and Food

• Policy development

• Annual agricultural settlement

Norwegian Agricultural Authority

• Executive work

Norwegian Food Safety Authority

• Inspection on husbandry and transport


• Market regulation


Agricultural division, Regional County Principal

• Advisor for the Municipalities

• Regulatory agency

• Collaborate with other regional services and organizations for industrial development


Agricultural office, Municipality

• Managing internal affairs

• Deciding on land-use plans

• Facilitate farmers

Farming household

• Practical management

• Participate in organizations, boards and meetings

  1. aNortura is the main Norwegian agricultural cooperative that operates slaughterhouses and processing plants related to meat and eggs (Nortura’s webpage: