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Table 3 Main income source, preference for income activities and opinions on future yak farming

From: Mountain pastoralism in transition: Consequences of legalizing Cordyceps collection on yak farming practices in Bhutan

Survey question Herders’ opinion Respondents (%)
Which income generating activity would you prefer in the long run? 1. Yak farming 63
2. Cordyceps collection 37
Why do you prefer the particular activity? 1. Yak farming is sustainable and Cordyceps has uncertain future 63
2. Cordyceps is sustainable 37
Will the yak farming decline in future? 1. Yak farming will decline 88
2. Yak farming will not decline 11
3. Don’t know 01
What are the main reasons likely to cause decline in yak farming in future? 1. Yak farming is getting difficult 37
2. Rural–urban migration 31
3. Cordyceps collection 21
4. Wildlife attack 06
5. Don’t know 05