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Table 3 Overall grass and non-grass species recorded in the study district

From: Control of bush encroachment in Borana zone of southern Ethiopia: effects of different control techniques on rangeland vegetation and tick populations

Scientific name Vernacular name Growth form Desirability Life form Frequency (%)
Dyschoriste hildebrandtii Gurbii gaalaa Non-grass Less desirable Perennial 11.6
Cenchrus ciliaris Mata guddeessa Grass Highly desirable Perennial 8.9
Heteropogon contortus Seerricha Grass Highly desirable Perennial 8.5
Dactyloctenium species Qabattee Grass Highly desirable Perennial 6.9
Chrysopogon aucheri Alaloo Grass Highly desirable Perennial 6.2
Pennisetum mezianum Ogondhichoo Grass Desirable Perennial 6.2
Eragrostis papposa Saamphilee Grass Desirable Annual 5.4
Solanum schimperianum Hiddii qixii Non-grass Less desirable Perennial 3.9
Cynodon dactylon Saardoo Grass Highly desirable Perennial 3.5
Abutilon hirtum Gurbii daalattii Non-grass Less desirable Perennial 3.1
Tagetes minuta Sunkii Non-grass Less desirable Annual 2.7
Chloris roxburghiana Hiddoo luucolee Grass Highly desirable Perennial 2.7
Oxygonum sinuatum Mogorree Non-grass Desirable Annual 2.3
Digitaria naghellensis Ilmoo gorrii Grass Highly desirable Perennial 2.3
Sporobolus pellucidus Salaqoo Grass Desirable Perennial 2.3
Digitaria milanjiana Hiddoo Grass Highly desirable Perennial 2.3
Xerophyta humilis Areedoo Grass Desirable Perennial 1.9
Helichrysum glumaceum Darguu Non-grass Not desirable Perennial 1.9
Commelina africana Qaayyoo Non-grass Highly desirable Annual 1.9
Chlorophytum gallabatense Miirtuu Non-grass Not desirable Annual 1.9
Indigofera volkensii Gurbii hoolaa Non-grass Less desirable Perennial 1.6
Pupalia lappacea Hanqarree Grass Less desirable Annual 1.6
Eragrostis capitulifera Biilaa Grass Desirable Perennial 1.6
Rhynchosia ferruginea Kalaalaa Non-grass Desirable Annual 1.2
Cyperus species Saattuu Grass Desirable Annual 1.2
Bothriochloa insculpta Luuccolee Grass Highly desirable Perennial 0.8
Alakuu ajoo (not known) Alakuu ajoo Non-grass Not desirable Annual 0.4
Psydrax schimperiana Gaalee Non-grass Less desirable Perennial 0.4
Abutilon species Gurbii re'ee Non-grass Less desirable Perennial 0.4
Solanum somalense Hiddii gaagee Non-grass Less desirable Perennial 0.4
Lantana rhodesiensis Midhaan durbaa Non-grass Less desirable Perennial 0.4
Mixixiqaa (not known) Mixixiqaa Non-grass Desirable Perennial 0.4