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Table 3 Description of major LULC classes defined in the study area

From: Monitoring changes in pastoral resources in eastern Sudan: A synthesis of remote sensing and local knowledge

Class Description
Bare land Exposed non-vegetated areas formerly under cultivation and now abandoned due to degradation. This class also included unsuitable eroded areas characterized by bare rocks and gravels
Natural vegetation In site 1 and site 2, primary and secondary natural forest and woodland savannah appeared on some abandoned agricultural land, protected areas and areas not suitable for cultivation
In site 3, there are two other distinct natural vegetation types, namely grassland cover, which is the dominant land cover in the whole Butana area, and shrub/tree woodland cover confined to valleys, along watercourses and depressions
Agricultural land This class represented areas under rain-fed mechanized farming covered with residue or late-emerging grass species biomass. Crops cultivated in this area include sorghum and sesame