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Table 3 Frequency ( F ) of factors necessitating transhumance mentioned by the herders

From: Transhumant agro-pastoralism in Bhutan: Exploring contemporary practices and socio-cultural traditions

Factors necessitating transhumance F(n= 24) Percentage
1. To avoid the harsh winter cold and mortality of animals owing to high altitude 15 62.50
2. No space (enough land) and shortage of feed at temperate village in winter 14 58.33
3. To engage in the off-farm activities (transportation, petty contract and packaging) 6 25.00
4. To be able to take care of their animals, avoid animal parasites in the south, be able to grow crops in the village and supply draught power and manure for the crops 5 20.83
5. Because the summer Tsamdro in winter will be grazed by Bjops 4 16.67