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Table 1 Fulani pastoral units in western Burkina Faso and northern Cameroon

From: Herding territories in Northern Cameroon and Western Burkina Faso: spatial arrangements and herd management

  Western Burkina Faso Northern Cameroon
Hill grazing Ferlo  
Tree and shrub savannah Yolde
Fukkaawo Tree, shrub and grass savannahs in the hills
Shrub and grass savannah
Dry plains grazing Seeno Yolde
Tree and shrub savannah 3 years fallow and more
Grazing of lowland and floodable zones Cofol  
Riverside formations Fitare
Bolaawo Tree, shrub and grass savannahs bordering permanent watercourses
Tree and shrub savannah
Tree savannahs and clear forests
Crop areas grazing   Sabeere
Sonyere Uncultivated fields for 1 year
All set-aside plots Toumbere
Fallow for 1 to 2 years
Nguessa Nguessa
  Fields grazed after harvest Fields grazed after harvest