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Table 2 Results of Kruskal-Wallis test used to examine change in coverage and standing biomass along grazing gradient

From: Applying local knowledge to rangeland management in northern Mongolia: do ‘narrow plants’ reflect the carrying capacity of the land?

  Growth form Kruskal-Wallisχ2 d.f. P
Cover of P. acaulis Rosette 34.99 4 <0.001
Cover of B. bicaule Erect 90.80 4 <0.001
Cover of G. verum Erect 79.00 4 <0.001
Cover of nariin ovs - 30.35 4 <0.001
Standing biomass - 48.20 4 <0.001
  1. Significant P values (<0.05) indicate that percent coverage for that category changed along the gradient.