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Table 1 Description and classification criteria of micro landscapes

From: Livestock-based knowledge of rangeland quality assessment and monitoring at landscape level among borana herders of northern Kenya

Landscape name Description Classification criteria
Gar fonqocha Hilly topography surrounded by farms and settlements. Mostly used reserved as calf and weak animals pasture (kallo). The soil is dominantly sandy loam. Mostly covered with shrub vegetation predominate by Maytenus sp. Topography and dominate vegetation
Diid ogono Open grassland with discontinuous patches of farms. Sometimes used as private enclosures (kallo). Mostly covered with grass vegetation dominated by Pennisetum mezianum (Heim.) Topography and dominate vegetation
Qaa wachu Riverine dominated by Acacia seya (Del.) The soil is sandy loam with moderate drainage. Vegetation cover increases towards the valley bottom Topography and vegetation
Kootich ammessa Bush land dominated by Commiphora Africana (A.Rich). The soil is poorly drained black clay, sticky when wet and cracks when dry. Mostly suited for goats and camel due to high cover of desirable trees and shrubs species Soil and vegetation
Kootich sapansa Bush land dominated by Acacia mellifera (Benth). The soil is poorly drained black clay soil Soil and vegetation
Kootich fullessa Shrub land scattered with Acacia drepanolobium (Sjoestedt). Flat plateau with poorly drained black clay soil Soil and vegetation