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Table 2 Proportional value of different areas (national parks and NCA) in the northern circuit

From: Natural conservationists? Evaluating the impact of pastoralist land use practices on Tanzania's wildlife economy

Area Number of tourists Proportion of northern circuit visitors (%) Estimated proportion of total northern circuit revenue generation
Lake Manyara NP 141,226 16 $88,957,628
Serengeti NP 265,880 31 $167,476,628
Tarangire NP 102,562 12 $64,603,347
NCA 360,000 41 $226,762,397
Total value attributable to Maasai steppe $153,560,975
Total value attributable to Serengeti ecosystem (including 25% NCA) $224,167,227
  1. This is based on the proportion of northern circuit visitor numbers at each area. Adapted from TANAPA (2007) and Mitchell et al. (2009).