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Table 4 Herder scouts and ecologist's assessments of the Matheniko rangelands at landscape scale

From: Harnessing pastoralists' indigenous knowledge for rangeland management: three African case studies

Transect name Landscape classificationa Soil indicatorb Season of grazing cGrazing suitability5 (GS) dLandscape grazing potential6 (LGP) Conditione Trendsf WC GPg Degradationh
Moru Kakeroi Angromit nalokob emoru j With Pebbles, soil colour variedk Dry Cattle-High High-cattle Excellent Stable Light Amoone l
        WC 30%   
Nakilorom Angromit nararuakinit n Lava stone, dark soil Wet/dry Camels-high High-camels Fair Declining Heavy Erekeny°
     Goats-moderate    WC 40% HC < 20%  
Kautakowup Eketela longiro q White-red Wet Cattle-high High-cattle Good Stable Light-Moderate Amoone napachol r
        WC 25% > 40%  
Morlinga Ekowath s Mixed Home garden Cattle-high High-cattle Good Stable Moderate Nginarekeny t
Namorungora Arro Black Dry Cattle-high High-cattle Fair Downward Heavy Erekeny
  1. aClassified by the ngikerebo scouts.
  2. bClassified by ecologist.
  3. cRated by the ngikerebo scouts.
  4. dIbid.
  5. eJointly rated by ecologist and the ngikerebo scouts on the survey team.
  6. fRated by the ngikerebo scouts; woody cover estimated by ecologist.
  7. gGrazing pressure (GP).
  8. hJoint rating by ngikerebo scouts and ecologist.
  9. iMountain of shrine.
  10. jLandscapes with pebbles (angromit) that slopes (nalokob) from mountain (emoru).
  11. kAngromit nagor (dark soil with pebbles), Angromit narangan (stony and red).
  12. lHigh grass cover with little evidence of grazing.
  13. mBushy.
  14. nLava stones with dark sandy soil.
  15. oHeavily grazed with low grass cover.
  16. pPlateau-like.
  17. qBushed grassland.
  18. rHigh grass cover with open spaces.
  19. sTransitional landscape between Arro (black) and eketela (sandy).
  20. tSome level of use between erekeny (heavily used) to amoone (little used). The transition is called Nginarekeny.
  21. GS, grazing suitability; LGP, landscape grazing potential; WC, woody cover; GP, grazing pressure; VH, very high; H, high. The indigenous words are explained in the text.