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Research, Policy and Practice

Table 1 Comparison of the rotational grazing system and holistic planned grazing (source Savory, 1999)

From: Desertification and livestock grazing: The roles of sedentarization, mobility and rest

Decision basis Rotational grazing system Holistic planned grazing
Grazing period Number of paddocks and desired rest period Recovery period needed
Adjustments to grazing period Height of grazed plants Daily growth rate of plants, livestock performance, and/or wildlife needs
Stocking rate Estimated dry matter intake Animal days per acre along with a reserve for drought and effective water cycling
Use of herd effect Not included Essential in plan especially in xeric environments
Wildlife/other land uses Not included Incorporated into plan
Drought planning Reserve grazing areas Reserve time in all pastures
Fire prevention Not included Routinely incorporated into plan
Ecosystem application Good short-term results in mesic environments Developed for arid and semiarid environments