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Table 1 Independent variables.

From: Effects of cattle rustling and household characteristics on migration decisions and herd size amongst pastoralists in Baringo District, Kenya

Variables Descriptions Units
GHH Gender of household head 1 = male, 0 = female
AG Age of household head Years
ED Education level of household head Years in school
HHS Size of the household Number
NCA Number of cattle owned Number
RSG Ratio of sheep and goats to cattle Number
NLI Non-livestock income in the last 5 years KES
CARUINTY Intensity of cattle rustling 1 = severe, 2 = moderate
LO Type of land ownership 0 = common, 1 = private
BC Drought and/or diseases Yes = 1, no = 0
AR Livestock lost to rustlers in the last 5 years Yes = 1, no = 0
INHERIT Livestock inherited Yes = 1, no = 0
DOWRY Dowry received Yes = 1, no = 0
BOUGHT Livestock bought Yes = 1, no = 0
PRMIGR Predicted probability of migrating Number