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Table 4 Narrative of the condition of the rangelands and the movements of resident and immigrant herds

From: Mobility and livestock mortality in communally used pastoral areas: the impact of the 2005-2006 drought on livestock mortality in Maasailand

Period Event(s)
2004 March-May Average long rains
2004 June First immigrant herds arriving from drought-stricken areas of Sultan Hamud and Mashuru in the South-east
2004 October-December Good short rains
2005 March-May Above-average long rains, good productivity of rangelands
2005 May-June More immigrant livestock arriving, stocking density at least twice the normal
2005 August All grass depleted
2005 October-November Failure of short rains, severe competition between resident and immigrant herds
2005 December Start of mortality, first among immigrant followed by resident herds
2006 February-March Peak mortality for all livestock
2006 March-April Onset of the rains, continued mortality of weakened livestock due to pneumonia and other diseases
  1. In the Kitengela area before and during the 2005-2006 drought.