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Table 1 Characterization of the four study sites

From: Mobility and livestock mortality in communally used pastoral areas: the impact of the 2005-2006 drought on livestock mortality in Maasailand

Site Rainfall
Land tenure Land use Land cover (%)
Amboseli (8,400 km2) 350-600
Group ranches. Private Livestock, wildlife, agriculture and horticulture G, 34; S, 5; WB, 60; W, 1
Kitengela (390 km2) 440-900
Privately owned, subdivided from 1986 Livestock, wildlife, agriculture and horticulture G, 91; S, 7; WB, 1; urban areas, 1
Maasai Mara (6,500 km2) 400-1200
Privately owned, subdivided from 2000 Livestock, wildlife, little agriculture Grassland, 60; S, 34; WB, 6
Simanjiro 384.2 650-900
Government owned, village control Livestock, wildlife, expanding agriculture G, 62; WB, 28; C, 10
  1. Characterization in terms of climate, land tenure, land use, and main vegetation types within the specific study areas. C, cropland; G, grassland; S, shrubland; U, urban areas; WB, woodland and bushland; W, water.